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At Kenny Keyser Landscapes & Gardens, we approach each property with the same care, precision and commitment to exceptional quality we’ve maintained for homeowners throughout eastern Long Island. We’re passionate about providing you with individualized, focused attention beginning with the development of your property’s custom design plan, the execution of your landscape design – shaping, sculpting and refining your greenery, carefully tailoring your yard into elegant silhouettes and clean definitions – then providing the final, exquisite touches and meticulously perfecting even the finest details to deliver unparalleled landscape design to boost your curb appeal, captivate your guests and give your property the modern, imaginative upgrade it deserves.

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We’ve steadily built a loyal following of passionate clients based on our determination to provide luxury quality, incomparable service and perpetual courtesy, as well as the individualized landscape compositions that best highlight and accentuate your home and property. Whether you need cleaning and moderate refining, or a complete, wall-to-wall landscape renovation, we’ve carefully developed several comprehensive, meticulously-calibrated techniques – all arranged with the same, universal principle in mind: to give your property a chic, modern upgrade of incomparable quality and transcendent artistry.

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We want you to have total confidence in the quality and the direction of our landscape design services, as well as in the technical proficiency and individual care we’ll maintain throughout the entire process. Kenny Keyser Landscapes & Gardens has built a sterling reputation on seminal precision and stunning, one-of-a-kind landscape artistry – an elite, unprecedented process beginning with a comprehensive assessment of your property, your needs and your aesthetic preferences. Based on the initial stages of our landscape design practices, we’ll carefully develop and execute the optimal applications for your home and enhance it with remarkable creativity and innovative, modern techniques that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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