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Flood, Fire, and Dehydration Revegetation Services

Long Island has one of the harsher climates regarding landscape design and construction. When designing with hardscape and living plant materials, a keen understanding of the weather, climate, and exposure are necessary. You can trust our 30-years of experience designing and installing plants that work in our environment that will look amazing for years to come.

Revegetation Services:
Creating a sustainable, healthy, and thriving landscape




Solving Your Flood, Fire, and Dehydration Problems Relative to Your Hampton's Landscape

Floods and fires happen frequently on the Long Island coast. They are unfortunate events, and our clients’ can rest assured that we will diligently work to reinvigorate your landscape. Special care and attention need to be taken when a property is hit by a flood or fire. We are experienced in how to nurture your landscape back to its thriving ecosystem.

Dehydration of the landscape, on the other hand, can happen to any property. Again, the coastal environment can rid the soil of moisture and vital nutrients if not maintained properly.

You can trust Kenny Keyser Landscapes & Garden’s experience to restore your landscape.