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Landscape Revegetation Services

Townships in East Long Island pride themselves in preserving open space. Landscape revegetation standards guide property owners in how much of their property can be cleared of native plant materials for their desired landscape improvements.

At Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens, we understand the unique challenges that come with landscape revegetation and restoring cleared land, and we will ensure that your property meets the standards of local townships while also providing the landscape you desire.

Revegetation Services:
understanding and adhering to your township requirements on landscape clearing and landscape revegetation while creating your beautiful Hamptons landscape.

Understanding Township Requirements

Each Hamptons township has unique standards relative to open space preservation and the amount of property that can be cleared. We understand these requirements and how they translate to your landscape design.

Landscape Design

At Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens we find the balance between the landscape that you desire with the landscape revegetation standards required for development. Through the design process you will understand how meeting these standards will only add to the beauty of your Hamptons landscape.

Landscape Revegetation

Our expertise of indigenous plant materials such as flowers, shrubs, and trees brings your landscape to life and seamlessly transitions your overcleared landscape into a beautiful, ecologically friendly Hamptons landscape.

What makes our revegetation services unique?


At Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens, our primary focus is to deliver on your landscape design wants while ensuring compliance with local regulations. We take pride in our revegetation services that blend your designed landscape with surrounding native plant materials. We specialize in designing and restoring indigenous flowers, shrubs, and trees while transforming outdoors spaces that reflect our clients’ vision and lifestyle.

Our range of services includes:

  • Expert land revegetation consultation
  • Efficient coordination of town and/or village permits
  • Restoration of cleared areas through revegetation
  • Reestablishment of indigenous species
  • Planting native trees and shrubs
  • Restoration of shorelines and dunes
  • Effective management of invasive plants
  • Wetlands preservation and management


With our exceptional expertise and meticulous attention to detail, our aim is to create a unique and sustainable environment that beautifully complements your property, while maintaining ecological equilibrium.

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