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Routine Maintenance + Seasonal Clean-Ups

The aesthetics of your exterior spaces are just as important as the elegance of your interiors. Landscape maintenance is not simply a matter of mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges, it’s a meticulous process that preserves and enhances the beauty, functionality, and value of your property.

At Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens, we offer a comprehensive landscape maintenance package tailored to the unique needs of upscale properties, encompassing everything from seasonal care to specialized treatments. Our team of professionals can help ensure your outdoor spaces remain as breathtaking and inviting as the day they were created.

We serve clients in the Hamptons and East Long Island areas.

Taking Care of Your Residential Landscape Maintenance Needs

Seasonal Landscape Clean-Up

Tree & Shrub Care

Fine Gardening & Landscape Weeding

Routine Landscape Maintenance For Your Hampton's Property

Your landscape is a living and growing space. If maintained properly, your landscape will be beautiful for years to come. But if your landscape needs are ignored for a month or more, you will find yourself in need of a more intense landscape clean-up.

Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens offers routine landscape maintenance for your Hamptons property. Our routine landscape maintenance plans are created to suit your needs and may include:

  • Plant bed maintenance & detailing
  • Plant material pruning and hedging
  • Mulching plant and flower beds
  • Tree and plant health care
  • Leaf removal
  • Preparing your landscape for winter


We pride ourselves on understanding what trees, shrubs, and plants need to thrive and we have the ability to recognize when plant materials are not getting what they need. With over twenty years of landscape experience in the Hamptons, we have seen just about everything and will ensure that your garden looks its best!

Shade Garden - Bridgehampton
Contemporary Landscape - Southampton

Solving Your Landscape Issues

Seasonal Clean-Up: Do you enjoy working in your garden in the summer months but can do without the manual labor of that first seasonal landscape clean-up? We can handle the heavy lifting and get your garden in an easier-to-maintain state for the remainder of the season.

Drainage: Landscape drainage issues can wreak havoc on your property and the structural integrity of your home. We understand that landscaped areas require sophisticated, while attractive, drainage solutions that can handle large volumes of water efficiently and keep your home and structures safe from drainage issues.

Deferred Landscape Maintenance: If you just bought a home on Long Island, you could have inherited a landscape that hasn’t been maintained in many years. Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens can help restore your landscape to its original beauty. Trees and shrubs may require aggressive pruning and health measures, while some landscape plantings may require removal and installation of new plantings to make your gardens shine again.

Hamptons Planting Beds and Flower Gardening

Landscape revegetation Bridgehampton
Beautiful Landscape -Montauk
Beautiful Landscape - Southampton
Wildflowers Landscape - Hamptons