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Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens is the premier destination for stunning flower displays and planter pots in the Hamptons.

We create magnificent floral arrangements that not only amplify the beauty of your outdoor spaces but also thrive in Long Island’s unique climate. Our selections include robust, seasonal annual flowers that add a touch of luxury and elegance to any setting. 

Flower Gardening & Planter Pot Services

Seasonal flower displays that entertain and delight

Provide brilliant color and textures to compliment your home and garden

Potted displays and in-ground plantings

Flower Gardening & Planter Pot Services

Flower Plantings: For those seeking upscale and luxurious garden designs, in-ground annual and perennial flower plantings are the perfect solution. These flower plantings can be expertly curated to match your design aesthetic, creating a garden that is not only visually stunning but also a reflection of your personal taste.

Potted Plants: We elevate your outdoor space with our selection of potted plants, specifically curated to match your landscape style. We work with you to identify the perfect floral plantings that will enhance and complement your existing landscape.

Tropical Gardens: We use our experience from from extensive travels abroad to transform your landscape into a paradise. Our unique expertise covers a wide variety of tropical plants, their native habitats, and the specific care they require. 

Landscape Clean-Up: We are specialists in one-time landscape clean-up for clients. This work preserves the aesthetics and health of your gardens while restoring and rejuvenating your garden, bringing it back to its former glory or giving it a fresh new look entirely.

Planter Pot Displays

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