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Landscapes & Gardens

Artistic Gardens and Landscapes
for the Hamptons

Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens is a professional full-service landscape company that specializes in design, installation, and construction. Our team of experts serves Hamptons property owners in Southampton, Bridgehampton, and East Long Island. With a commitment to the environment, we strive to exceed our clients’ goals for their landscape, delivering sustainable and beautiful spaces they love.

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A commitment to quality and a passion for exceptional garden design.

We are not your ordinary landscape contractor. We do business differently and work with clients who appreciate our design, service, and integrity. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with all of our landscape services.

Shade Garden - Bridgehampton

Landscape Design & Construction

We work with our clients to determine their landscape and aesthetic goals. Landscape Design involves planning the layout of gardens, patios, walkways, and plant materials, ensuring the overall design meets our clients’ needs.

Seasonal Planters - Bridgehampton

Flower Gardening & Planter Pots

Flower Gardening and Planter Pot services create a dramatic impact without disrupting your current landscape. We select flowers based on color, form, and sun exposure, as well as the layout and arrangement of these plants in aesthetically pleasing ways.

Beach Landscape -Hamptons


Revegetation services are specialized environmental restoration efforts aimed at reintroducing plant life to areas where it has been lost, often due to construction, natural disasters, or exposure to extreme sun and wind.

Designing the landscape of your dreams

We believe in transforming outdoor spaces into personal sanctuaries that reflect our clients’ vision and lifestyle.

We begin by understanding your preferred style, functionality, and specific plants or features you like. Then, we examine the soil type, sun exposure, climate, and existing vegetation. This helps us recommend plants and design elements that will thrive in your unique environment.

Based on our consultation and site evaluation, we create a conceptual design. This includes a layout of plantings, hardscape elements, lighting, and other features.

After installation, we provide you with a maintenance schedule and guidelines to help you keep your landscape looking its best. We’ll also be available to address your follow-up questions or concerns.

Our ultimate goal is to create the perfect landscape of your dreams and enhance your quality of life for years to come.

Why Choose Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens

Inspired Designs

An inspired design is one that transcends the ordinary to create landscapes that are visually stunning and harmonious with its environment. We want you to be inspired every time you enter your garden space.

Attention to Detail

We assess every aspect of the site, from soil composition and sun exposure to existing vegetation and architectural elements to create the optimal design for your landscape. 

Hamptons Experience

We have over two decades of experience in the Hamptons and the surrounding area. That means we understand the region’s unique climate, soil conditions, and native plant species.

Trustworthy Contractor

We value communication and transparency while maintaining integrity and professionalism in every aspect of our work. Our clients appreciate our job well done and refer us to their own friends and family.

Delivering Projects On Time
and On Budget.

Contractors often promise more than they deliver. Kenny Keyser Landscapes and Gardens is known for reliability and integrity. We take pride in the Hamptons area and have worked hard to establish our reputation. Our expertise lies in creating artistic designs and constructing high-quality landscapes that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. We are committed to delivering projects on time and within budget. Every time.