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Artistic Gardens & Landscapes
for the Hamptons

Kenny Keyser Landscapes & Gardens provides exemplary landscape design and construction services to property owners in East Long Island. With a commitment to the environment, we exceed our clients’ goals for their landscape, delivering sustainable and beautiful spaces they love.


A commitment to quality and a passion for exceptional garden design.

We are not your ordinary landscape contractor. We do business differently and work with clients who appreciate our design, service, and integrity. We guarantee satisfaction with all of our landscape services.

Landscape Design & Construction

Flower Gardening & Planter Pots



Designing the landscape of your dreams

First things first, what do you want in your landscape?

Do you want a clean, modern, minimalist landscape, or would you rather compliment the natural beauty of the Hamptons with a simple and naturalistic design?

Extracting your wants, needs, and dreams for your landscape is our top priority. When it comes to design, there are so many styles and aesthetics that we can create with your landscape. We strive to make each client happy, revealing a landscape they never thought possible.

Why Choose Kenny Keyser Landscapes & Gardens

Inspired Designs

Attention to Detail

Long Island Experience

Trustworthy Contractor

Delivering Projects On Time
and On Budget.

It is no secret, that contractors everywhere are known for overpromising and underdelivering. On Long Island in particular it seems to be worse. The Hamptons is our home. We have built our reputation in this community and we don’t plan to ruin it to make a buck. Kenny Keyser Landscapes & Gardens create artistic designs and builds high-quality landscapes, exceeding our clients’ expectations.